Kawasaki ZXR Valve Spring Assembly

(race kit reproduction)

ZXR Kit Valve Spring Assembly
ZXR Kit Valve Spring Assy
ZXR Kit Valve Spring

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Valve Spring Assembly:


These are reproductions of the race kit valve springs. Steel bottom platform, aluminium hard anodised top retainer and collets supplied in a kit or individually.

None of these parts are interchangeable with the standard road valve assembly parts.

Part number:

DUN7015_01A Valve Spring Assembly Kit Complete       £610 set

DUN0326_01A Bottom Platform Valve Spring ZXR                £130 set 

DUN0328_01A Valve Springs Kit Replica ZXR                          £160 set

DUN0327_01A Top Retainer and Collets Valve Spring ZXR   £320 set*

    *These have gone up in price by considerably in the past year, we are looking at

       options to bring this back down.