Bill Simpson Racing BSR Yamaha TZ



Bill Simpson raced TZ750 Yamaha's in the late 1970's and early 1980's. He enjoyed race wins and lap records on shorts circuits, winning Scottish Championships as well as 4th places at the TT and NW200 on the TZ750.

An initial batch of 5 chassi kits are in production, three of which are being built into finished bikes by Bill (2022). Chassis kits have been manufactured using parts manufactured by Dunbar Race Engineering. If you are interested in a chassis kit please get in touch with Dunbar Race Engineering.


Chassi Yamaha TZ750
Yamaha TZ750 Chassi
Yamaha TZ750 Swing Arm
Yamaha TZ750 Swing Arms
Yamaha TZ750 Chassi Parts
Yamaha TZ750 Yokes
Swing Arm Welding
Tank Yamaha TZ750
Yamaha TZ750 Bill Simpson

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Chassis Kit Includes...

  • Frame: BSR spec TZ750. Very close to original with changes to improve strength and known problems with original frames.

    • Engine plates, bolts, and fittings.

    • Head stock bearings fitted.

  • Yokes, billet machined, 'factory style' top yoke. Assembled with steering stem.

  • Swing Arm: 

    • Aluminium 'factory spec' with sliding wheel adjusters

    • Adjusters, bearings, spacers, swing arm spindle, wheel spindle + nut.

    • Chain runner, ‘shark fin’ guard, rear disc and wheel spacers,

    • Rear master cylinder and mounting bracket.

    • Rear brake caliper mounting plate – caliper above the disc type.

  • Front fairing bracket + screen stays.

  • Foot pegs, brake pedal and gear lever.

  • Petrol tank with Yamaha or flush fitting cap options.

  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Scotland with original Yamaha drawings.

  • Benefit from Bill Simpson’s experience and expertise gained from a lifetime of Superbike, Grand Prix and TT racing both modern and classic.

Chassi Kit £12,500 (no vat)