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Crankcase Bung / Blank Plate - end of crank: Kawasaki ZX7R/ZX7RR

Crankcase End Bung
Kawasaki ZXR Crank Bung Blank Plate
Crankcase End Bung 3
Crankcase End Bung 4
Crankcase End Bung 5

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Crankcase Bung / Blank Plate:


Blanking plate for end of crank which fits into the crankcases. This is a direct replacement for the standard rubber bung which can have a habit of blowing out.

This aluminium bung fits in the D35mm location between the crankcase halves and has a lip to locate it. It is sealed in place with silicone sealant when fitted.

Suitable for both ZXR750 and ZX7R/RR models.

Part number: DUN0251_01

Price £35

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