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Bill Simpson Racing BSR Yamaha TZ


BSR Yamaha TZ350 Racing Success
Brands Hatch
Cresting the mountain at Cadwell Park
Bill with riders Ian (L) and Robbie (R)
Ian Simpson
Ian Simpson BSR TZ350

Bill Simpson Racing (BSR) have been building Yamaha TZ350 chassis kits since 2007. BSR Yamaha TZ350 have become the bench mark in their class of historic Grand Prix racing. In the International Classic Grand Prix (ICGP) series, rider Ian Simpson, has won 3 European Classic Championships.

Now over 60 BSR Yamaha TZ350 Chassi kits have been produced with wins in every major series; GP Original, CRMC and International Classic GP.

Duncan Dunbar has been with BSR from the beginning running the bikes trackside. Dunbar Race Engineering is now continuing the production of BSR chassis kits with the approval and watchful eye of Bill.



Chassis Kit Includes...

  • Frame Assembly: 

    • Black powder coated

    • Engine bolts and chain roller

    • Lock stops

    • Front and side faring brackets/stays

    • Rev clock mounting

    • Coil mounting brackets

    • Seat bolts and radiator mounts

  • Yokes, stem and bearing assemblies

    • Billet machine to BSR spec.​

  • Swing Arm Assembly:

    • Light weight (race proven) BSR TZ swing arm.

    • Rear disc

    • Master cylinder, Brembo, and rear brake line assembly

    • Swing arm spindle, spacers and bearing assembly

    • Hugger, stone guard for carbs

    • Shark fin chain guard

  • Rear caliper and bracket; GB Moto

  • Wheel spindle, nut and spacers

  • Footrest kit including gear and brake pedals, plus linkages

  • Fuel Tank:  aluminium – with cap, strap and fuel tap.

  • GP Originals and CRMC approved.

  • Race and championship proven pedigree since 2007.

TZ350 Yamaha BSR (2)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (1)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (9)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (8)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (6)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (7)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (5)
TZ350 Yamaha BSR (4)
BSR TZ350 Chassi Kit 3
Swing Arm Assy 3
Swing Arm Assy 4
Swing Arm Assy 1
Swing Arm Assy 2

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Chassis Kit £10,750 (no vat)
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