Some of the previous projects undertaken...

Cagiva C588 1988 - 500cc V4

It has been a real pleasure delivering this restoration project to it's owner. It is one of very few surviving 1988 500cc Grand Prix Cagiva. It arrived as a loosely assembled rolling chassis with a complete engine. The engine only required a check over, however every other aspect of the motorcycle required a complete overhaul. Any missing parts were made in house to match the originals. Attention to detail and originality was the request from the customer. It still has it's original period stickers on the swing arm! The bike was run on the dyno and jetting checked before hand over. 

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Matchless G50 1962 Replica

This Matchless is a new build replica based on the 1962 model. Whilst aiming to keep it as close to original specification as possible it has a few deviations; belt primary drive, magnesium 5 speed gearbox and 7R front wheel. It's been built with the Lansdowne Racing series in mind. The frame, swing arm and tanks were made by Bill Simpson in Scotland, the engine supplied by Manfred at SMA racing in Germany and built by myself. The engine is a replica 'standard' G50 with the head gas flowed. As many parts as possible have been made in-house, with only a few being outsourced. Two exhaust options were made, original megaphone and silenced.

It has turned out to be a stunning looking bike.

Norton RCW588 1989 - Rotary 

There are two rotary Norton's pictured. They both have 1988 chassis numbers and originally had air cooled engines. 

Bike 1 can be described as a decommissioned race bike with a few items stolen from it (by Norton). It was made into RCW spec by Norton to sell to JPS. Rotors, gearbox parts, radiators and ignition were missing. These were replaced with the correct period parts (less ignition) to return it to a 1988/89 RCW. It now makes regular appearances at historic events.

Bike 2 was sold by Norton to JPS as a collection of parts built up to look like a complete bike. Many items were missing or not complete assemblies. With the knowledge of getting 'bike 1' back on track it was possible to restore bike 2. Any parts that weren't available were made. 

A special thanks to Graham Wilshaw at Startright Motorcycles in Leeds for his help with the engine work. 

Seeley Mk4 - Matchless G50

The owner of this bike had raced AJS 7R and Matchless G50 at the Manx GP in the 1960's. He'd planned to build this Seeley G50 to make a return to 'The Island'.

However the project never materialised at the time. His family requested that the bike was assembled and built up without cosmetic restoration. It was a collection of parts all from the period. Most items 'cleaned up' well and allowed a period patina to remain with the bike. The megaphone was made in period Seeley style.

The bike was requested to be build up as a 'running memento', to be fired up at home on occasion. It wasn't prepared for track use - a 'stage 2' work list was provided should that ever be intended

Seeley Mk4 - Matchless G50

This bike was a new build replica of a Seeley Mk4 G50 circa 1972. The frame, swing arm, tanks and seat were made by Bill Simpson. Duncan and Bill worked together in British Superbikes for a few years and idle talk led to them deciding to build this bike together in 2006/2007. As much as possible was manufactured 'in house' - which included all the fabricated items, manually machined items and body work. The bike now runs with a long silencer and internal fork springs.  

The engine was supplied by Manfred at SMA Racing in Germany.

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