Honda RS250 Radiator - NXA/NX5

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RS250 Radiator


Radiator for RS250 Honda NX5/NXA. This radiator is a replacement for a standard Honda radiator. It uses two 22mm cores piggy-backed together which are a more modern, and more efficient, design than the cores used in the original triple core Honda radiator. This provides more than sufficient cooling and is comparable to the Honda production radiator (triple core design). Dunbar Race Engineering Ltd has used this design on very hot days in Spain and still had to run with a small amount of tape on the radiator.


Radiators to suit both air intakes available:

  • Air through tank setup.

  • Air intake under bottom yoke setup.


As well as being an efficient radiator, it’s produced to a high standard with a lovely level of finish.


Part number: DUN0236_01

Price: £795

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