Kawasaki ZXR750 Piston: D73mm Bore; 792cc

Piston Set ZXR D73mm
Piston ZXR D73mm Kit
Piston ZXR D73mm Machined from Solid
Piston ZXR D73mm Undercrown
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Back in stock August 2021

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Piston Specification:


This piston is designed to be used in ZXR750 engines over-bored to D73mm giving 792cc for Classic TT Superbike rules and events with similar rules. For use with race kit connecting rod length of 103.2mm.

The piston crown replicates the valve pocket positions and squish heights (relative to pin bore) of the ZXR750 'race kit' piston with piston diameter increased for a D73mm bore (standard ZXR750 D71mm bore). Valve pocket heights, as with 'race kit' pistons, are designed for use with Kawasaki's race kit cams.

The skirt and under-crown is a modern 'slipper piston' design braced across the pin bosses. The skirt surface finish is machined to promote oil retention.

Supplied with, rings, pin and circlips. The bare piston offers a 12% mass reduction compared to the 'race kit' piston design, giving a 10% assembly mass reduction. Pin bore D18mm and little end thrust width 18.5mm.

This piston is exclusive to Dunbar Race Engineering Ltd.

Part number: DUN0268_01 (set of 4 with pins, circlips and rings)

Price: £980