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Breather Tank Kit - Closed Loop System

Kawasaki ZXR750

Breather Tank Kit Pic1
Breather tank fitted Pic 2
Breather tank fitted Pic 1
Breather tank fitted Pic 4
Breather tank fitted Pic 3
Blank cap above clutch
Bulkhead fitting
Breather Tank Pic 1
Breather Tank Pic 2
Breather Tanks

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Breather Tank Kit:

Closed loop breather tank kit; the breather tank fits in place of the generator and links back to the airbox ensuring no oil can escape around the bike. The tank has a return drain back into the engine where the gear position sensor would be mounted. 

Kit consists of:

  • Breather tank which fits in place of generator

  • Bulkhead union for air box

  • Oil return drain fittings 

  • Blanking cap for breather above clutch

  • Custom formed silicone hose 

  • Associated clips

This closed loop breather tank setup is compatible with cable clutch kits made by Dunbar Race Engineering.

DUN7011_01 Breather Tank Kit ZXR Race

Price: £190

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