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Swing Arm Pivot Adjusters - Race Kit ZX7R

Race Kit ZX7R Swing Arm Pivots
Kit Manual 1993-1995
Kit Manual Page 87
Kit Insert Setup 32036A

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Race Kit Swing Arm Pivots:


These are replacement frame inserts for swing arm pivot adjustment as per the Kawasaki race kit manual / WSBK setup used in the period. They are the same insert on both sides of the frame and fitted with a ZXR spindle and nut. 1991 to 1995 spindle and nut. When this 'race kit' setup is used on the ZX7R it's the same as ZXR750 M. 

See pictures of race kit manual - click on images.

Note, shim part numbers are highlighted which may be required. 

Please be aware: these are not a direct swap for the road bike setup which has a threaded adjuster on the LHS and therefore LH and RH inserts are different.  


Part number DUN0354_01A = 0mm offset

Part number DUN0355_01A = +/-2mm offset 

As per Kawasaki code 32036A - P87 of Kit Manual


Price £150 pair

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