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Kawasaki Water Fitting Kit ZXR750

Water Fitting Kit ZXR750 Kawasaki Pic1
Water Fittings ZXR750 Kawasaki Pic2
Water Fittings ZXR750 Kawasaki Pic3

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Water Fitting Kit:


Water fittings kit for ZXR750 engine consisting of:

2 off outer diameter 20mm aluminium hose fittings (for hose of ID 20mm)

1 off outer diameter 28mm aluminium hose fitting (for hose of ID 28mm)

Stainless steel 'C-clips' and O-rings for each of the above

When running this water fitting kit/setup the carburettor heater pipes are dispensed with. There is no provision for a 'bleed' for carburettor pipes. Hence the 'other end' of the carburettor heating pipes on the thermostat housing must be blanked off. For racing machines this simplifies the water system. Carburettor heating pipes are only required for road bikes on cold winter days! 


Kit number: DUN7003_01

Kit Price £50

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