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Steering Yoke Kits ZXR and ZX7R

ZXR and ZX7RR Flat Top Yoke Assy
ZXR / ZX7R Flat Top Yoke
ZXR_ZX7RR Yoke Kit Complete
ZXR_ZX7RR Top Options and Bottom Yoke
Stepped Top Yoke
Stepped Top Yoke Underside
ZXR_ZX7RR Stem Assy and Ti Bolt Kit
ZXR_ZX7RR Ti Bolt Kit Yokes
Stepped top yoke 15mm
ZXR_ZX7RR Flat Top and Bottom Pinch Bolt Faces
Top View
Underside of Yokes
ZXR_ZX7RR Flat Top and Bottom Top Faces
ZXR Yokes Flat Top Undersides

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Yoke Kits:


Replicas of factory design made in high strength aluminium. Original factory yokes were magnesium, hence difference in mass. 


Available Options:

  • Flat or riser top yoke, leg D50mm. Flat = 730 grams / Riser = 800 grams

  • Two bolt bottom yoke, leg D54mm. 1385 grams (weight due to alu not magnesium)

  • Pitch between fork legs = 210mm. Offset = 30mm. Yokes come with inserts

  • Ohlins fork legs = D50mm top, D54mm bottom yoke

  • Maxton fork legs = D50mm top, D54mm bottom yoke

  • Other diameters available upon request. 

    • ​Stock road bike = D52mm top, D52.5mm bottom yoke.


Kit or Individual Yoke Prices:

  • Top yoke flat (as shown)                = £180

  • Top yoke riser 15mm (as shown) = £250

  • Bottom yoke (as shown)                = £320

  • Steering stem assembly                = £300

    • Steering stem aluminium (£120)

    • Locking ring for underneath top yoke; C-spanner features on OD. (£35)

    • Inserts for adjusting offset; top and bottom yokes. (£60 pair)

    • Nut for top of stem – titanium (£40)

    • M8 titanium pinch bolts and steel nuts - 8 off (£65)

    • Taper roller bearings (£50 pair)


Flat top yoke kit   = £800        

Riser top yoke kit = £870

Options         1. Anodized black or silver £30 per yoke;                    + £60 total.

                       2. Steering head frame inserts for ZX7RR frames      + £60 pair.

The steering head frame inserts replace the large steel inserts and allow smaller OD tapper roller bearings to be fitted.

Original steel insert which also doubled as the inner bearing race is no longer available.

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