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Bodywork Fitting Kit 

Kawasaki ZXR750

Bodywork Fitting Kit
Front fairing bracket and battery box
Screen stays
Battery box mounting
Front fairing bracket fitted
Front fairing bracket
Front fairing bracket from above
Side fairing brackets
Seat mounts front
Compatible Battery

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Complete Bodywork Kit ZXR750 Consists of:

  • Front fairing bracket – with removable battery box. Rev clock platform undrilled - the user can drill to suit their specific rev clock.

    • Front fairing bracket (no battery box): £75​

    • Battery box with strap: £55

  • Screen stays with inserts: £60

  • Side fairing mounts with inserts: £45

  • Lower fairing mount with dzus fastener (fits below right-hand foot peg on frame): £15

  • Seat mounting brackets front + fasteners for rear of seat: £20 

    • User will need to add a support on the sub-frame under the seat to take the riders weight.

All associated fasteners, R-clips and aluminium cone washers included, plus fitting instructions.

DUN7007_01 Bodywork Fitting Kit ZXR Race

Price: £260

Fitted with bodywork supplied by Andy Neve Racing (contact details tbc)

Battery box designed to fit with light weight Lithium battery. Shorai:

LFX09A2-BS12 12V 9Ah (113x58x89 / LxWxH)

LFX14A2-BS12 12V 14Ah (113x58x89 / LxWxH)

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